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September 2016

We have just submitted our first annual report and the project is going well.

  • The household survey has shown that the maternal mortality rate is higher than we had previously believed from the national statistics. We must take care as this is a relatively small population (500,000) and so a few deaths will rapidly skew the statistics.
  • We have found that 44% of young married women use contraception (the commonest being the oral contraceptive pill).
  • Approximately 50% of pregnant women attend at least 4 antenatal clinic appointments, and 50% have a skilled birth attendant at their delivery.
  • 130 adolescents attended their community clinic for sexual or reproductive health counselling and 25% said they had been shown respect and had things carefully explained at their attendance.
  • 12,000 girls and 6,000 boys are now attending monthly groups each with approximately 20 members, where ‘life skills’ are discussed. 2000 have been selected by their groups to have extra training in life skills and to become group facilitators.
  • The number of married youngsters and disabled in the groups, is lower than anticipated and we will be looking to include more in the next year.  
  • 75% boys and 80% of the girls have a positive attitude to decreasing child marriage. 45% parents & 50% community leaders surveyed have a positive attitude to this.
  • 70% boys and 55% girls, 50% parents & 30% community leaders express a positive attitude to delaying first pregnancy.
  • 33% of the community clinics have already made referrals to the more qualified service delivery clinics for sexually transmitted diseases, gender based violence, or post abortion care.
  • 25 health care staff in community clinics have been trained in adolescent sexual and reproductive health   
  • 100 school teachers have been trained to teach sexual and reproductive health, and co-incidentally, the Government of Bangladesh are now encouraging these subjects to be part of the taught curriculum.
  • 900 parents, and 50 community leaders have met in groups to discuss marriage age, gender based violence, delaying first pregnancy etc.
  • 1875 community members have attended ‘village theatres’ where the drama outlines the problems and possible solutions associated with child marriage

Project 2nd Quarter Report  (October - December 2015)

Project 1st Quarter Report   (August - September 2015)

October 2015

61 Staff – the Adolescent Facilitators, the union co-ordinators, and the Project Manager have been recruited and are being trained for their new roles.

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